To Generate a Time Tracking Report in JIRA Tool in Testing

In JIRA Tool, the Time Tracking Report shows the useful time tracking details for the issues assigned to a particular user. This tool shows the original and current time estimates for all the issues. It also shows the user time details also if they are ahead of or behind schedule.

To generate a Time Tracking Report we have to do following steps

Click on the Projects link at the top of the page; it will display the drop down list in which all the projects associated with the tool should display.


Click on the particular project on which you want the project. If the project is not displaying in the drop down click on the "View All Projects" link. It will display all the projects. Click on the the "Reports" link on the right side of the project page. It will display the Time Tracking Report link.


Select Time Tracking Report link. The following form will appear:


On the time tracking report page, select the version of the report to be generated by the Fix Version drop down list. The report will include all issues that belong to this version.
Select the sorting of the issues in the report by "Sorting" drop-down list. In the Sorting drop down list there are two categories as follows:


We can select the "Least completed issues first" drop down; it can display the issues first with the highest "Estimated Time Remaining".
We can also
select "Most completed issues first" drop down; it can display the issues with the lowest "Estimated Time Remaining".
In the "Issues" section we can select All and Incomplete Issues only by Issues drop down list. By this it can only display the selected issues in the report.
From the "Sub-task Inclusion" drop-down list:


By selecting  "Only include sub-tasks with the selected version"  drop down it can only include the issue's sub-tasks if those sub-tasks correspond to the same version as the issue.
By selecting  "Also include sub-tasks without a version set" it can only include an issue's sub-tasks if the issues also do not have any version.
In "Include all sub-tasks" it displays all the issues related to some versions or not in the time tracking report. Click Next button and Time Tracking Report will look such as in the following: