Triggers in Recovery Scenario Wizard of QTP in Testing

We will see the Recovery Scenario Wizard by selecting it through "Resources" > "Recovery Scenario Manager". Select a new scenario.


It displays the select trigger event screen. It enables you to define the event type that triggers the recovery scenario and the way in which Quick Test recognizes the event. The trigger types are the following.

Popup Window: Quick Test detects a popup window and identifies it by the window title and textual content. For example a message box may open during a run session, indicating that the printer is out of paper. Quick Test can detect this window and activate a defined recovery scenario to continue the run session. Select this option and click Next to continue to the soecify pop up window conditions screen.


Object State: Quick Test detects a specific test object state and identifies it according to its property values and the property values of all its ancestors.


Test Run Error: Quick Test detects a run error and identifies it by a failed return value from a method. Quick Test can detect this run error and activate a defined recovery scenario to continue the run session.


Application Crash: Quick Test detects an application crash and identifies it using a predefined list of applications.



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