Create a Android Project With Eclipse


In today's article, we will create an Android project with Eclipse.
Step 1
Click "New" in the toolbar.
In the window that appears, open the Android folder, select Android Application Project, and click on "Next".
Fill in the form that appears with the following.
Application Name: For this project, we use "First Baisc App".
Project Name: is the name of your project.
Package Name: is the name of the package.
Your package name must be unique overall packages installed on the Android system.
For this project, you can use something like "com.example.firstbasicapp".
Step 2
Click Next as shown in the figure.
On the next screen to configure the project, leave the default selections; click on "Next".
Step 3
In the next screen can create a launcher icon for your app. Before you publish your app, you should be sure your icon meets the specifications defined in the Iconography design guide.
You can customize an icon in several ways and the tool generates an icon for all screen densities.
Step 4
Click "Next" to select an activity template from which to begin building your app.
For this project, select BlankActivity and click "Next".
Step 5
Leave all the details for the activity in their default state and click "Finish".
Your Android project is now set up with some default files and you're ready to begin building the app.