My Journey: How I Met C# Corner

Happy New Year readers, we’re meeting after a long time. Previous year was extremely awesome for all of us. We build a unique kind of relationship via this community and I’m very glad to be a part of it. I promise that I’ll try my best to deliver rich content articles this year as well. I’m very thankful to our C# Core Team members who’re continuously supporting us and are acting like helping hands in all the ways. Here I’m sharing how I got connected and started my journey with C# Corner.

I still remember, It was my 3rd year of college life and I was working on a project based on .NET and SQL Server. I was in middle of my project where I decided to add some control on my form to pick files from my local machine and save it in database and at last to get their reports to make it more attractive. I was looking for help and I just don’t n know from where and from which link I landed on the page named C# Corner. Believe me, after coming here I got my first helping hand in form of those articles from an author.

At that time, I didn’t even notice who the author of that articles was, I found it so interesting that I took a snapshot of the article and saved it with me for future reference and also made bookmark of those in my browser. I still have those links in my bookmark. After getting some information from there I returned back to my project and started working on other parts.

Today I was going through those image folders and found those 2 articles images saved there. These images were taken on June 2013.


I just don’t believe that how C# corner is helping me since the time when I was not even member of this community.

During that time, I visited many times here in search of something related to my project. Even during those visits, I didn’t notice the site name, what I noticed was the site logo (C# Corner) and below menu with lot of options.


I also bookmarked this page and used to visit here for any help.

Time passed and my project completed. Now it was the exam time and again I came here with hope and found many articles related to many programming languages to learn for the same. Also during my semester, I got another assignment to make a small project on file manipulation with help of C#. Again I started working on that and by this time in search of something, I landed on Books option.

WOW!!! I found somewhat virtual library over here. When I started searching I found what I exactly wanted. I found a small book on File Manipulation written by Mahesh Chand.


Thanks to Mahesh Sir, this book helped me a lot as my 80% of the project based on this concept.

I tried downloading the book but immediately I redirected to login page and as I didn’t had any logins to proceed, I registered myself with this site and downloaded the book. This is the time I joined with this community i.e. 12 June 2013. I started searching more and more and then I found another article written by ‘Prashanth Chindam’ which I found something interesting for my project. I captured this as well and saved it with me.

Prashanth Chindam

After learning from these things, I build up my small application which is shown below.

build up my small application

I sincerely thank to Mahesh Sir and Mr. Chindam for this.

Time passed and I entered in 2014, almost 1 year after joining, I started being active on the site. I stared following members and used to go through their articles. By this time I was familiar with this community.

One day I was reading some blogs (not C# Corner) and I wish to write and publish something of my own on this global internet, I also wanted to have a blog like others. But I didn’t know how to start. And one day while going through my account I saw a link to contribute an article.


With some curiosity I found a little hope to fulfill my wish.

Then what, I started looking for a topic to begin with, but the problem was what topic to choose? At that time, I was working on Language Interoperability in .NET, and then I thought instead of looking here and there for topics, better I write something on this only what I’m practicing. So I converted my practice into an article and this is how I came up with my first article named “Cross-Language Interoperability in .NET Framework.

I submitted my article on 2nd July 2014 and got first mail from C# corner team.


I was very excited to see my first written article on World Wide Web. And after a day I received another email saying some improvisation done to my article, I was very much excited.


Finally, the day came when I got 3rd email saying my article is now online. OMG, I just can’t explain how happy I was. I rushed to log in C# Corner and found my first article got published and ‘Sam Hobbs’ from USA was the first person who shared his view.

Seriously, those follow-ups, those emails from C# Corner team gave me a kind of encouragement. I felt a kind of support. It was like someone is saying “You try… We’re here to help you!!!!

With this encouragement I started my new journey as an author with C# Corner Community. I got a platform where I can run my train. I found my new way to spend time. Found a new passion.

I was on my journey and in month of July 2014, I got reward from C# Corner team. I was selected as Member of month.

Attended many chapters to learn something new that too free of cost.

Attended many webinars which was also an awesome experience.

In the first week of April 2015, I attended first C# Annual conference held in Ghaziabad. Met with all the great minds.

  • Mahesh Chand
  • Pinal Dave
  • Dhananjay Kumar
  • Sumit Jolly and many more.


What an awesome experience it was. Had photo session with Pinal Dave and others.


On July 2015, I got big achievement of my life. I received an email saying I received the C# Corner MVP award. This email made my day.


I logged in to C# Corner site and saw my name in the list. What an excited moment it was.

Year 2015 gave me a lot of memories and happiness. I became an author, got a special identity, awards, etc.

Frankly speaking, instead of wasting whole day on Facebook, now I used to spend most of my time on C# Corner. Here as well I’m making friends, also I can like, comment, even share. Isn’t it good??

From my point of view, the following are some similarities I tried to figure out between our community and Facebook.

FacebookC# Corner
Has TimelineWe also have timeline.
Share StatusWe share Ideas, articles, our views in forum, etc.
Share Photos, Videos.We also have this option.
We can Comment only on friend's post.We can express our view of anyone's share
We LikeEven we do.
Make FriendsWe also have a lot of friends.
Has Profile picEven we have.
Sends notification on status.We also get notification on our articles.
We have groups.We've chapters.
Get new featuresWe also get new updates every 6 months.

So why to waste your whole time on Facebook, when you already have an alternate place to shape yourself.

We’re getting everything under one roof that too free of cost, what else we want.

Thank you C# Corner Team for giving me such a platform. Because of you, I found new author in me. Thanks for showing me a new way.

Thanks to Praveen, Vithal, Dhananjay sir and Core Team members for their support and inspiration. Special thanks to Mahesh Chand, Manish Dwivedi and Robert Pattinston to bring me on this site.

A single unknown click changed my way. Now I can also proudly say that I’m an author & blogger and I work for a community.

I also thank all readers, because of you guys… this was not possible.

I’m all set to ROCK this year!! Are you?