What to do if Shortcut Key CTRL + R Does Not Work in SQL Server


The key combination of "CTRL+R" is used to show or hide the query results pane. Sometimes we do not require a query results pane and therefore it can be hidden using the keyboard shortcut keys "CTRL+R". However, there is no direct option to hide this pane.

Problem statement

Recently, I had installed a fresh copy of SQL Server 2012 Express Edition with advanced services in my machine. Then, I loaded SQL Server Management Studio and executed a sample query. Let us say that after analyzing the query results, I wanted changes in my query and did not require the query result. Generally, in this case we will use the keyboard combination CTRL+R to hide the results pane. But, here the result pane was visible even after pressing the key CTRL+R.


Solution: 1

The following is the procedure to get the shortcuts working again.

  1. Go to the Tools Menu in SSMS and Select Options.
  2. Select Keyboard section under the Environment tab.
  3. Select "Default" from the drop down under "Apply the following additional keyboard mapping scheme".
  4. Click Reset.

Solution: 2

We can also assign our custom shortcut keys. Here's another way to get the shortcut working again.

  1. Go to the Tools Menu in SSMS and Select Options.
  2. Select the Keyboard section under the Environments tab.
  3. Search for the text “Window.ShowResultsPane” using the “Show commands containing” TextBox.
  4. Select the “SQL Query Editor” option from the dropdown under “Use new shortcut in” and type CTRL+R in “Press shortcut keys” TextBox. Now, click assign.

I hope this helps!