Document Properties of Word Document in - Inbuilt Properties

In this article we will discuss read and rewrite or update document properties of any word document in  Every word document has some inbuilt properties and custom properties such as Title, subject,   category, Author, comments etc.

You can see or set the document properties by opening Advance Document properties section just like if you are working on word 2010 you will see this like:

Advance Document properties:

In this article we will read and set these properties and will learn that how to make custom properties of any word document.

So let start with taking a windows form and design like this:

And then we need to add some reference:



Make two private object

Private Wapp As Word.Application

Private docWord As Word.Document

Write code on the browse button click event

Create OpenFileDialog object and set the filter for word documents.

  Dim dlg As New OpenFileDialog

        dlg.Filter = "Word document |*.doc;*.docx"


        If dlg.ShowDialog = Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK Then


Initialize word application class and word document objects


            If Wapp Is Nothing Then

                Wapp = New Word.Application

            End If

            If docWord Is Nothing Then

                docWord = New Word.Document



            End If


Use Documents.oopen() method for opening word document and use BuiltInDocumentProperties property for retrieving its inbuilt advanced properties.


            docWord = Wapp.Documents.Open(dlg.FileName)

            Dim _BuiltInProperties As Object = docWord.BuiltInDocumentProperties

            If Not _BuiltInProperties Is Nothing Then

                txtTitle.Text = _BuiltInProperties("Title").Value

                txtSubject.Text = _BuiltInProperties("Subject").Value

                txtAuthor.Text = _BuiltInProperties("Author").Value

                txtManager.Text = _BuiltInProperties("Manager").Value

                txtCompany.Text = _BuiltInProperties("Company").Value

                txtCategory.Text = _BuiltInProperties("Category").Value

                txtKeyWords.Text = _BuiltInProperties("Keywords").Value

                txtComment.Text = _BuiltInProperties("Comments").Value

            End If


        End If

For updating Inbuilt properties add code on Update button click event

  Dim _BuiltInProperties As Object = docWord.BuiltInDocumentProperties

        If Not _BuiltInProperties Is Nothing Then

            _BuiltInProperties("Title").Value = txtTitle.Text.Trim()

            _BuiltInProperties("Subject").Value = txtSubject.Text.Trim()

            _BuiltInProperties("Author").Value = txtAuthor.Text.Trim()

            _BuiltInProperties("Manager").Value = txtManager.Text.Trim()

            _BuiltInProperties("Company").Value = txtCompany.Text.Trim()

            _BuiltInProperties("Category").Value = txtCategory.Text.Trim()

            _BuiltInProperties("Keywords").Value = txtKeyWords.Text.Trim()

            _BuiltInProperties("Comments").Value = txtComment.Text.Trim()

        End If

        MessageBox.Show("Summery has been updated successfully")

        If Not docWord Is Nothing Then


        End If

        If Not Wapp Is Nothing Then


        End If


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