Outlook Custom Forms in VB.NET

We have discussed earlier about how to start custom forms ,custom form's control and fields and custom forms and VbScript .
Now we talk about different type of outlook custom forms .

Outlook provides number of templates for  creating different types of custom forms such as message,appointment,task etc. You can choose any template according your requirement.

You can reach outlook form designer for designing the custom form via going tools --> Forms --> Design a form( in Outlook 2003 or earlier choose tools --> Forms --> Design this form)- see picture 1.1

Picture 1.1

and select look in combo with 'Standard Forms Library. There are many templates:
Appointment (IPM.Appointment)


Journal Entry(IPM.Activity)





Every template contain custom properties, custom page layouts, and VBScript code (Forms can have VBScript code behind them to react to user actions -- validating data, synchronizing it with databases, creating new Outlook items, etc. To add code, once you're in form design mode, click the View Code command on the toolbar or ribbon.) behind the form. you can design own form with the help of controls and fields and vbscript and can publish. (picture 1.3  shows message outlook custom form)



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