Getting All Colors in XNA

I was playing with XNA today and was curious about if i can populate all the colors supported by XNA.For that i used Reflection method.

To display all the colors,i've used combobox from windows controls

First of all we need to get the Type of Color:

Type structType = typeof(Color);

Then we use PropertyInfo to get all the controls:

PropertyInfo[] fields = structType.GetProperties();

The reason why we didnt use FieldInfo instead of PropertyInfo is Each color is actually Property and have fields like R,G,B,A.

So we iterated through PropertyInfo and populated our combobox object.

foreach (PropertyInfo field in fields)




When we run it,we'll be getting extra useless items:


So what to do?

I've written a simple iteration to remove these useless items:

for (int a = 0; a <= 5; a++)




It removes the first 6 items from the list.

Simple but useful.As it seems.



Our work is done here.We got our Colors populated.

Hope it helps.