Tabbed Structure in Flash Builder (iPhone) Applications

As said above if you're interested in creating your own iPhone Applications you will just love it!

In Flash Builder while creating a new project type, it gives us the option of how the application will look like.

It can be empty (you can fill it in on your own), View-Based & Tabbed Applications.


You can also Add Tabs automatically here to get started immediately (Home-Products-About-Contact)

In general View-Based and Tabbed Applications are the same. Except a visual difference, in View-Based Applications you write your own code for transitions as we did in our previous article
Transitions in Flash Builder(iPhone) Applications. But in Tabbed Applications every Tab is view-based so you'll only need to Edit these views.


Its so easy; edit these Views. Just grab some Controls from the ToolBox and drop it on the view:


If you haven't configured it already, then Flash Builder runs its own Configurator on which Mobile OS your application will work at(There can be iOS-iPhone,iPad,Android and BlackBerry)


You can emulate it on a emulator or real device.its your choice! But after development ended use it on a real device for testing purposes on production.

Tabbed-Applications use TabbedViewNavigator control and Flash Builder enables Nested Tabs in our applications. I will write another article explaining this control further. After adding Additional Tabs. The Flash Builder adds new Views automatically. So it will be quite easy for your developments.See the image below for an example:


Hope that Tabbed Applications will be much useful for you.