Uninstalling Applications in Windows 8


This article will tell you about how an application can be uninstalled in the easiest way. Normally you'd go to the Control Panel.
Select Programs->Uninstall a program and there choose your application.
and Uninstall it!
Normally you'd do it.
But if I told you there's a much more easy approach to this?
With the new UI set for Windows 8, you can now select an application and uninstall it by tapping(for touch screens) on it or right-click on it. This new uninstallation saves us to time more than the general approach. Just right click on an application and choose to Uninstall in the Application Bar.
If its a Windows 8 Store Application then you will see this for confirmation.
By clicking the Uninstall button, Windows Store Application will be uninstalled immediately.
But if it's not a Windows Store style application, like most an Application that runs in Classic Mode. Then it will display Uninstallation Window from Control Panel as all Classic Mode apps are meant to be uninstalled.


In this article, we learned about Uninstalling Applications in Windows 8.