C# Corner Jabalpur Chapter Meet, 10 August 2013: Official Recap

We had a great event last Saturday on Windows Phone application development in our C# Corner Chapter meeting. We had many enthusiastic attendees this time in our event and everyone enjoyed the sessions a lot. Thanks to everyone who attended. Looking forward for your participation in the future.

I would like express appreciation of the sponsors who helped us to make this event successful.

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In this article I am sharing the agenda, pictures and slides. Also, I am announcing the date of the next monthly meeting. Don't forget to register for the event and join us in September.

As in the previous two months, there was rainfall in the morning rcausing a reduced hope of geting attendees during the session but we noticed a big crowd (as per this chapters record) of 24 attendees, who joined us and enjoyed it. Also got some positive feedback from all the attendees and suggestions to include some additional topics. Thanks to all of you for joining us and hope to see your active participation in the coming months.


Recap of Sessions

As per the agenda, we started with the registration followed by welcome note. Then the time was for technical sessions. First I started with the basics of "Windows Phone Application Development" and then introduced the attendees with the "Windows Phone App Studio" that Microsoft recently released as beta. People really like the concept of App Studio that actually reduces the efforts of writing code and build apps for WP Store.

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After the first session, there was a small break for snacks (samosa and sweet) and then Supreet started his session demonstrating Windows Azure to connect with Windows Phone using Mobile Services. A very good session from him where he described how to create the Azure account, database, programmatically create the table columns and query the table for data.

Then there was the final slide from me representing the sponsor Nokia, where I announced a small competition to build at least 3 Windows Phone apps using App Studio (students) and code (developers). Based on the output of that, we are going to provide subscription packs of Nokia Lumia Premium Developer token ($99 subscription amount but valued $1500 each) to the five winners of this competition.

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And finally a small quiz from the session contents and two winners got a Telerik T-Shirt from me. We had a very good event this time and all the attendees were very enthusiastic to learn and note down the points that we covered during the event.


The next monthly meeting date has been announced. We are going to do it on Saturday, 14th September 2013. The agenda and venue is yet to finalize. Keep an eye to http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/Events/37/chapter-meeting-september-2013.aspx for further details on the event.

Thanks to "Nokia" and "Taritas Software Solution" for supporting and sponsoring for the event. Also, thanks to everyone for attending the event. Don't forget to register your seat for the next event. We are looking forward to have your active participation in our C# Corner Chapter meets.