Average IT Professional Salaries Around The World

Salaries of IT professionals varies from place to place, company to company, and even person to person. Living cost is also a major factor when comparing salaries. For example, same IT professional will make much more working in San Francisco compare to a small town in Pennsylvania.

The following table lists salaries published on WSJ for year 2015. Based on the data, Switzerland is the top paying country in the world followed by Belgium, Denmark, US, and UK.
All salaries are in USD. 
My take: I run a software consulting firm since year 1999 based in Philadelphia (USA). I've also worked as a Software Consultant/Architect for many years. Based on our salaries and my personal experience, the above list of salaries published by WSJ doesn't seem right. Average salaries for a senior IT professional, developer, and even DBA is around $90k a year. Some companies pay little less and some pay little more. I also have some clients in New York City and average salary for NYC seems to be $125k a year.
Top 10 highest paid cities in US
Here is a list of top 10 highest paid US cities with average salaries published by InfoWorld. 
  • Silicon Valley $101,278
  • Baltimore/Washington D.C. area $97,895
  • San Diego boasts $97,328
  • Boston $94,742
  • Seattle $94,335
  • Houston, $94,186,
  • Los Angeles $92,498
  • Denver $90,430
  • Sacramento $90,127
  • Austin $89,680
My take: I am surprised not to see New York City in the top paying cities. I've paid an average $125k a year to NYC employees and can't find IT professionals below $120k a year. 
Top 10 highest paid companies in India
According to a report published by Naukrihub, Top 10 Companies Paying Highest Salary in India, the average salaries seems much lesser in India than published above by the WSJ.
Here is the list of Top 10 companies in Indian Rupees (INR) per annum.
  • Google 10 lakhs 
  • Accenture 10 lakhs
  • TCS 5 lakhs
  • CTS 6 lakhs
  • IBM 6 lakhs
  • Infosys 3 lakhs
  • Symphony 5 lakhs
  • Intel 10 lakhs
  • CISCO 5.5 lakhs
  • Microsoft 5 lakhs
More research and details are coming soon.

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