Disable Birthday Notifications In Windows 8


I am tired of the Windows 8 Calendar showing me all these birthday notifications every time I open my laptop. The funny thing is, most of these guys I don't even know. It is very annoying.

So what are these birthday notifications?

When you install Windows 8 and connect with your Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Outlook and everything else, the Windows 8 Calendar app imports your contacts and their birthdays.
To disable these notifications, you will need to go to the Windows 8 Calendar app and disable these notifications.
Hit WIN+Q and search for Calendar on your Windows 8 Search bar.
Select the Calendar app from the list.
Open the Calendar Settings by Swiping left or by a Move Mouse in the Right Top Corner.
On the Charm Bar, select Settings and then Options.
On this above charm bar, you will see you can enable and disable your calendar, Birthday calendar and US Holidays.


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