Add Start Menu in Windows 8


Enable Start Button in Windows 8
We know Windows 8 is missing the Start button and Microsoft blew it big time. But small developers are taking advantage of this opportunity by building their little add-ons.

Do you want the Start button back in Windows 8?

Well, there are alternatives. One of the alternatives I am using is Power8. Download Power8.
I downloaded Power8 and it seems to be working just fine. The UI does not look as Metro as you would expect in Windows 8 but it does the trick. At least for me.
The .MSI is a small file that takes only a few seconds. There is no need to start it or anything. The Start button pops right in as soon as the installer is finished. 
The UI looks like this.
To run a program, you will have to double-click on it. Single-click does not work.
Update Dec 09, 2012
It looks like Windows 8 unpinned Power8 icon from my Taskbar after a few days.


In this article, we learned about Add Start Menu in Windows 8. 

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