Transparent Background of a Control in WPF

Recently, I had to create some transparent controls in WPF.

When you create a control such as a Button in WPF and you do not set any Background property, it has a default background property. The default property of the control is inherited from the Windows Control set on your machine.

For example, the following code snippet creates a Button control. 

  1. <Button Name="Button1" Height="30" Width="200" BorderBrush="Black"  
  2.                 Content="Click Me!"/>  
The Button control looks like this:


What if you want to set a Button control's background transparent?

You can set a control's background transparent by setting the Background property to null, using the following code:

  1. <Button Name="Button1" Height="30" Width="300" BorderBrush="Yellow" Background="{x:Null}" />  
The new Button control looks like this: