XAML RichTextBox Code Example

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The following code snippet creates RichTextBox in XAML.

  1. <RichTextBox></RichTextBox>  
The following code snippet sets the name, height and width of a RichTextBox control. The code also sets the horizontal alignment to left and the vertical alignment to top.
  1. <RichTextBox Margin="10,10,0,13" Name="RichTextBox1" HorizontalAlignment="Left"   
  2.                  VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="500" Height="300" />  
The following code snippet adds several items to a RichTextBox control.
  1. <RichTextBox Margin="10,10,0,13" Name="RichTextBox1" HorizontalAlignment="Left"   
  2.              VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="500" Height="300">  
  3.     <FlowDocument>  
  4.         <Paragraph>  
  5.             I am a flow document. Would you like to edit me?  
  6.             <Bold>Go ahead.</Bold>                  
  7.         </Paragraph>  
  9.         <Paragraph Foreground="Blue">            
  10.             I am blue I am blue I am blue.    
  11.         </Paragraph>  
  12.     </FlowDocument>          
  13. </RichTextBox>  
A RichTextBox control comes with spell check functionality out-of-the-box. By setting the SpellCheck.IsEnabled property to true enables spell checking in a RichTextBox.
  1. SpellCheck.IsEnabled="True"  
You can set this in code as follows:
  1. mcRTB.SpellCheck.IsEnabled = true;  

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