What Is The Best Cloud Storage For Me

Today, over a billion users use cloud storage services. Some of the most popular cloud storage services include Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Amazon Cloud, Dropbox, and Box. Besides these larger storage companies, there are hundreds of smaller players such as HP, Oracle, Dell, and Sony. Dropbox alone had over 300 million users. Microsoft recently disclosed over 200 million devices are powered with Windows 10 now. Most of these 200 million Windows 10 devices are somehow connected with Microsoft OneDrive. Many Google users (Gmail, Google Docs, Android) are automatically connected and use Google Drive. Apple iCloud also has over 100 million users.
Depending on our needs, many of us use multiple cloud storage services. Personally, I use OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud. For my iPhone and iPad data and files, I use Apple iCloud. For my Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 devices, I use Microsoft OneDrive. For some business requirements, I use Google Drive and Dropbox.
Most of the above discussed cloud storage services provide upload, read, read-only, edit/write, sync, share, and download features on both folder and file levels. The following table differentiates some of the offerings.
Microsoft OneDrive
If you’re a Windows PC user and use Microsoft products, Microsoft OneDrive is best suited for you. OneDrive is a built-in feature of the Windows operating system and becomes a folder of Windows Explorer. Sync of OneDrive on Windows is seamless.
Apple iCloud
If you are an Apple lover and use Mac and other Apple devices including iPhone and iPad, Apple iCloud is for you. If you’re an iTunes user, chances are, you already have an iCloud.
Google Drive
If you’re a Google believer and use Google apps including Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Docs and others, Google Drive makes total sense for you. Google Drive integrates with all Google apps and Google Chrome.
Dropbox was developed as a cloud storage for individuals with an easy-to-use interface and tons of free storage.
Box was developed as a cloud storage for enterprise with enterprise-class security, encryption, login, and data loss prevention. It also takes care of compliance and other regulatory requirements. Box also has a robust integration with enterprise applications such as Salesforce and Google apps.
Today, the market is flooded with many cloud storage services, including offerings from Microsoft, Google, and Apple. In this article, I tried to help you decide which storage is best suited for your needs.
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