What Skills Do I Need To Build HoloLens Apps


On Oct 6, last year, Microsoft announced the developer edition of its VR gadget, which is expected to start shipping this quarter. Developers can’t wait to get their hands on this new gadget. I’ve already pre-ordered my HoloLens and can’t wait to get my hands on it.

So, what is the skillset you need to build HoloLens applications?


If you’re a Microsoft developer and use Visual Studio and C#, you’re in a good shape. Here are some of the other skills that will help you get going with HoloLens apps.

  • Visual Studio 2015 and HoloLens related tools
  • Understanding of VR and AR
  • C# Windows 10 Apps (UWA), XAML
  • Unity Framework with Gaming
  • Unity and C#

In other words, if you're a .NET and Microsoft developer for a while, you're in a good shape. You will need Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015, HoloLens device, and HoloLens Developer Toolkit. 

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