An Open Source Project - R-Bank Management System

This is an open source WPF project based on the working of a BANK. My project name is R-Bank Management System. The bank management system is an application for maintaining a person's account in a bank .

This project build in VS2010 and SqlServer2008.

In this project I tried to show the working of a bank. Here in my project there are 2 types of users. One is Admin and other one is Simple user.

To access this project there is an authorization process. If you login as an Admin then you will be redirected to the Admin Home Page and if you are a simple user you will be redirected to your Account Home Page.

A simple user can access their account and can deposit/withdraw money from their account. User can also transfer money from their account to any other bank account. User can see their transaction report too.

The other user is Admin.  This performs the following functions: Create Individual Accounts Manage existing accounts View daily transactions etc.

I have uploaded Project Source Code and database inside DATA folder.

This project is made in WPF (VS2010) and I used SqlServer 2008 database to handle the daily transactions, account management and user management. In this project I used typed dataset. So to run this project just attach the database which is in DATA folder and change the connection string here.
Change Data Source here.


Image 1.

This is the DFD for this project.

Image 2.

Open Properties-> Settings.settings  change DataSource here.

When you run this application then first time login screen appears like...


Image 3.

Here login can be by a simple user or by a Admin, these User ID  and passowrd

[email protected]

are of a admin user so after login with these credentials user will redirect to Admin Home Page like..


Image 4.

Here we can see that an Admin has the options...
1. New Account        - To Crete New Account
2. Credit                  - To credit any account    
3. Debit                   - To Debit any account
4. All Transaction       - TO check transaction in  bank
5. Balance Enquiry      - Can check balance in any account
6. Delete Account       - TO delete or close any account

ADMIN Option

This is NewAccount page.


Image 5.

I gave an option to admin to debit and credit any account. This is debit account form.


Image 6.

This is credit account form...


Image 7.

Admin can see all transaction happen in bank by using this form...


Image 8.

Admin can check balance by selecting account from drop down list by using this form...


Image 9.

If there is any request to close an account then Admin can do that by using this form...


Image 10.

If you login as a simple user then..

UserId- [email protected]
pwd  -   arjun


Image 11.

Here we can see a user has the options...

1. Account Summary    - Statement
2. Cash Deposit           - To credit account    
3. Cash Withdraw        - To Debit account
4. Transaction            -  To transfer money from his/her account to any other account
5. Balance Enquiry       -  To check balance in account

This is an Account Summary page...


Image 12.

By using this page user can deposit money...


Image 13.

With this page user can withdraw money...


Image 14.

With this page user can transfer money to any account...


Image 15.

Here user can check balance in his/her account...


Image 16.

I tried to cover the basic functionality of a bank management system, but I know I did not do the complete functionality, but I think this can be a good application to understand WPF. In the future I will try to improve this project. If any user has any suggestion then please mail me here...

[email protected]

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