Version History of C#

Version History of C#

C# 1.0: .NET Framework 1.0 => Visual Studio .NET 2002 (VS2002) => (January 2002).

C# 1.2: .NET Framework 1.1 => Visual Studio .NET 2003 (VS2003) => (April 2003).

Features: Call Dispose on IEnumerators that implemented IDisposable and so on.

C# 2.0: .NET Framework 2.0 => Visual Studio 2005 (VS2005) => (November 2005).

Features: Generics, Partial Types Anonymous Methods, Getter/setter separate accessibility, nullable types, iterator blocks, Static classes and so on.

C# 3.0: .NET Framework 3.5 => Visual Studio 2008 (VS2008) => (November 2007).

Features: Implicitly typed local variables, object and collection initializers, Auto-Implemented properties, Anonymous types and Extension methods.

Query expressions, Lambda expressions, Expression trees and Partial methods.

C# 4.0: .NET Framework 4 => Visual Studio 2010 (VS2010) => (April 2010).

Features: Dynamic binding, Named and optional arguments, Generic co- and contravariance and Embedded interop types.

C# 5.0: .NET Framework 4.5 => Visual Studio 2012 (VS2012) => August 2012.

Features: Asynchronous methods, Caller info attributes.

C# 6.0: Preview released April 3rd 2014.

Features (planned/done): Import of static type members into namespace, Exception filters, Await in catch/finally blocks, Auto property initializers, Default values for getter-only properties, Expression-bodied members, Null propagator (Succinct null checking), String Interpolation, nameof operator, Parameterless struct constructors and Dictionary initializer.

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