Create Power BI Report with MS Access Database

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This article shows how to connect get data from a Microsoft Access data source and create a report using Power BI Desktop.

Getting Started

Start Power BI Desktop and click on the Get Data link in the left side bar as you can see in Figure 1.

Figure 1

On the Get Data dialog, you can see a list of available data sources. Select Database in the left bar and select Access Database and click the Connect button as in Figure 2.

Figure 2

Browse to the Microsoft Access database file in the system and click Open.

                                                                        Figure 3

You might the error message shown in Figure 4 if you don’t have the Microsoft Access 64-bit service pack. Go through with this link to install Service Pack 1 and redistributable.

Figure 4

 Figure 5

Once done everything is all done. You can see your database and click Load.

Figure 6

Now select that columns you want to display in report and select visualization. I am selecting Discount, Quantity and UnitPrice columns.

Figure 7

And my visualization is Clustered Column Chart. In the result you can see the unit price.

Figure 8

And here is the quantity chart.

Figure 9

And the little one is the discount chart.

                                          Figure 10

In this article, we saw how to connect with an Microsoft Access data source to get data and generate charts and reports in Power BI.

In my next article, we will see how to publish Power BI Reports.

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