Find Most Visited Site and Pages in Site Collection Using SharePoint

This article explains how to find the most visited site and pages in a site collection using SharePoint 2010.

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Use the following procedure to determine the most visited site and pages in the site collection.

1. First we need to activate a site collection feature named "Advanced Web Analytics" as shown in the figure below:

Advanced Web Analytics

2. Now to add the web part go to the page and edit that page and click on "Add web part". Go to the “Content Rollup" web part category and then select "Web Analytics Web Part" as shown in the figure below:

Web Analytics Web Part

3. The most visited site will look as in the following as shown in the figure below:

Most visited site

4. After this if you want to change the properties and set what you want to display pages or a site then edit the web part and set all the properties as shown in the figure. Open the web part properties tool pane as in the following:

web part properties tool

5. The following are the options available for your choice to display the web part:

Information to Display: Basically, your results can either be a list of content, things like pages and files that have been accessed, or it can be a list of common searches that are performed. Site search queries are just common terms that people have looked for on the current site, and search center queries are common searches that have been done using the search center site.

Site Scope: If you have selected Most Viewed Content in the “Information to Display” box then you will be able to use this drop-down box to pick This Site Collection, This site and sub sites, or this site only. Whichever you choose, the web part will only show commonly accessed content from that location or scope.

Search Scope: If you choose search center queries in the “Information to display” box then you can pick a specific search scope to narrow it down to. For example, if you have a site where you keep all of your company policies, and you’ve created a custom search scope for it in search administration in central admin, then you can pick that specific scope name here, and the web part will only show common searches that people do when they’re looking for company policies.

Period: By default, the web part only shows you content or searches that have been done in the last 30 days. You can change that number of days, and the maximum is 180 days. The web part won’t show any content that has been accessed or searched for more than the specified many days ago.

Item Limit: The number of items to be shown in the web part; the higher the number here, the longer the web part will be vertically down the page; the default is 10.

Exclude item title or search query containing: This can be a comma-separated list of words that you would not like to appear in this web part.

Show Frequency: This is the number of times the item has been accessed or searched for. It puts a number in parentheses after each item in the list.