SharePoint 2010: Session Welcome Message Using jQuery


This article shows how to work with Welcome Message Session Wise. You'll also find some plain old good JS date stuff that can be useful when you need to check times. We want to welcome our users in their Office timing Session . We can use how to work with variables to retrieve the current time hours then calculate an applied Session Message (like Good morning , Lunch time, Good evening, Time to go home, and if the time else then a message like Welcome, we will be able to modify our welcome message accordingly.

We are ready to have a look at the result. Simply switch the display Session in the welcome menu to see the result of our work.


Test it out on a single page!

Add a Content Editor Web Part to your page and in the ribbon search for the HTML Source Editor for this Web Part. You can add your code to this editor to test the result on the page where the Web Part is found.

Code to add in the HTML Source Editor of the Content Editor Web Part (don't forget to add your jQuery library first as mentioned above):

<script src="/JS/jquery-1.3.2.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
var WelcomeMenuContent = $('.ms-welcomeMenu > > span');
var UserName = WelcomeMenuContent.text();
var FirstName = UserName.split(" ")[0];
var Display;
var Digital = new Date()
var Hours = Digital.getHours()
Morning = 'Good morning' + " " + FirstName;
Lunch = 'Lunch time' + " " + FirstName;
Evening = 'Good evening' + " " + FirstName;
Night = 'Time to go home' + " " + FirstName;
TimeElse = 'Welcome' + " " + FirstName;
if (Hours >= 5 && Hours <= 11)
else if (Hours == 12)
else if (Hours >= 13 && Hours <= 17)
else if (Hours >= 18 && Hours <= 23)
}); </script>


In these article pros our modification to the Welcome menu can easily support multiple sessions.

A simple use of jQuery that easily adds a bit of customization.