C# Corner Mumbai Chapter Group Update of 24th May Session on MVC and DBA

This is a quick update for people who missed what happened on 24th May.

First, thanks to our sponsors South Asia MVP Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/mvpindia/ and Mr Biplab who is the MVP lead for providing us a place to run the show. We are also thankful to www.questpond.com to provide awesome sandwiches during the break.

So according to the plan we had two great sessions, one from Mr Sukesh Marla on MVC with JSON and the other from Mr Pravin Joshi on the DBA side on shipping , mirroring and replication.

The first session started from Sukesh discussing about MVC and how to get and send JSON data.

The great part of the C# Corner Mumbai chapters is you can bring your laptops and do hands on if you wish.

That was followed by a quick sandwich session that was sponsored by www.questpond.com .

The next session was Mr Pravin sir who is a senior person with great experience. He showed us step-by-step how to implement logging, shipping and replication. He also discussed the difference between each one of those activities.

Our old members Swapnil and Kamal Rawat (chapter lead) as usual always was supporting the group.

Finally thanks to the audience for coming from so far to make the session and the group successful.


If you want to join the group and participate send a mail to [email protected] or [email protected].

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