Network Data Usage Monitoring Option In Windows 10

In this article you will learn aboutthe Network Data Usage Monitoring option in Windows 10.

One of the fantastic feature of Windows 10 is to monitor network or internet usage, and we can segregate how much each app consumed.

Step 1: Go to Settings tab in your Windows 10 Operating System.

Step 2: Under "Settings", go to "Network & Internet".

Step 3:

Under "Network & Internet" go to the "Data usage" option. You can see the data used in the last 30 days. I am using the Ethernet port to access the internet and the data usage is approx 16.2 GB.

Step 4: Further check out "How much data is used for each app" by clicking the option of "Usage detail."

Step 5: Now you can see the "Network Usage" for each app and how much data was transferred in the network.

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