Snake Game Application in C#

First of all, I'm not a designer, animator, graphical artist, or a sound effects artist. I'm only a programmer. I guess, you may know that completion of a game project is an effort of all these parties requiring a considerable duration of time.
So sorry about my graphics work (I'm not a good graphic designer at all). One thing I need to tell you is that I have wondered about the logic and the graphics interaction necessary for this little game. I initially thought that would be easy, but believe me, it was not so easy!
When you look at the class diagram of the game, you may notice that most of my functionality related to the game is coupled with the "frmSnake" class together with the graphics work itself. In other words this was not a good object oriented design. There are food, ground classes etc. but there is no Snake class. Like so. Actually this is because I feel it is a more flexible function oriented programming here. Someone could argue I was wrong, but that's what I felt.
I did not explain all the source code in this article because it might make the article longer. Anyway I have added the comments in the source code for the locations where I thought it would be confusing. Other than that the average C# developer will be able to understand it.
Here I do not make a complete snake game for you to enjoy, if you want that then there are millions in the internet. I just made this for fun and am providing this to whatever developers would like to deal with it!

The important thing is that I wanted to play my own version of the snake game. So I just developed it; that's all. Anyone can improve it and make it better.