Using MAPI Control to Send Mail in VB.NET

This piece of code sends mail using the MAPI controls.

1) AXMapimessages

2) AXMapisession

This piece of code is in the initial stage. This is a way towards automating the E-Mail client like Outlook Express. The next version will send and receive messages. Hang on friends for my code for sending messages by Winsock.


To run this code you need following things:

An Email client (Like outlook express) set up on a machine. The email client should be configured for sending and receiving email. Also correct incoming and outgoing IP addresses on the system.

  • Run the code. A small window will open with one button.
  • Enter the E-Mail id of the person to which the message to be sent.
  • Enter the subject of the mail.
  • Enter the matter (Main message) of the mail.
  • Click on the "Send mail" button.

Source Code:

Information :

'Creating a session
axMAPISession1.Action = SESSION_SIGNON
'Relating the session
axMAPIMessages1.SessionID = axMAPISession1.SessionID
'Resolving the mailid
'Sending the message
axMAPIMessages1.Action = MESSAGE_SEND
See the code for more details.

General Description:

The messaging application program interface (MAPI) controls allow you to create mail-enabled Visual Basic applications. MAPI is a set of core system components that seamlessly connect any mail-enabled or workgroup application to MAPI-compliant information services. For example, the Microsoft Exchange messaging system can be connected to most private or public e-mail systems through the use of MAPI drivers.v

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