5 Reasons Why You Need To Plan To Backup Your Office 365 Data Today

5 Reasons Why You Need to Plan to Backup Your Office 365 Data Today 

If we talk about which online business productivity suite is best – in my opinion, certainly Office 365 wins the race. But, do you know Microsoft is not responsible for creating a backup copy of Office 365 mailbox(es)? However, it saves the data in terms of Geo-Redundancy.

What is Geo-Redundancy?

Microsoft stores the entire data of Office 365 on multiple servers. In case a catastrophic server failure happens, the user has its data in the account.

But, It Does Not Mean Your Data Is Safe In The Cloud!

Microsoft itself has stated that in case of any service outage, one cannot access its online data until they will fix it. So, it is good to back up the data on daily basis.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Plan to Backup Your Office 365 Data Today 

Adding to it, there are various scenarios that elicit the need for a local backup to safeguard yourself from potential threats. On a much deeper level, I am going to tell you 5 reasons why you should plan to backup Office 365 data today.

Need to Backup Office 365 User Data Today – 5 Potential Reasons

Accidental Deletion of Mailbox Data

If someone deletes a message from the Office 365 account and you found out that some data is missing from the folder, at that time, it is easy to recover the deleted data within a certain period of time from the Deleted Items folder. But, in case, the retention period limit is completed, you will not be able to restore the deleted data items back into the mailbox. Only a backup file can help you to recover the data.

External Malware Threats

The situation gets worse when a malware wipes-out some of the emails and you did not realize that some messages were removed from the account. Although, by the time a user notices that something bad happened with the mailbox, it might be possible that the retention period is over. As a result, the data is lost and you cannot recover it if you do not already have a backup file of it on the system.

Office 365 Service Outage

A service failure problem is very annoying. Suppose you want to access some important client emails and Outlook 365 does not open. At that time, if you have a backup of those emails, then you can read those messages using other applications. A backup record ensures continuity in the business in such disastrous situations.

Handle Terminated Employee Account

In such a situation when an employee is terminated or left the company, then it is beneficial to backup the Office 365 account of that person for future use before deleting the account. By doing this, all the potential data securely remains in the system. And you can restore the backup file whenever there is a need.

You Wish to Switch from Office 365

There are various factors due to which Organizations may migrate from Office 365 to another environment. However, switching from one application to other one does not mean that you left the older data behind. In this case, you can backup Office 365 mailbox items and import the file where you want to migrate.

So, Which is the Most Convenient Method to Backup Office 365 Mailbox Instantly?

It is evident from above how helpful a backup file can  be for users and why they must consider backing up their Office 365 mailbox. Now, the next thing comes – What is the best way to save the O365 account data?

So, SysTools Office 365 Backup and Restore Software is the best match. This software lets admin or end-users export emails, contacts, and calendars from Office 365 account to a local machine and restore data at the time of requirement. Plus, it is a utility that helps you in the following ways:

  • Safeguard emails, contacts, calendars from data loss by saving a copy on the on-premise location.
  • Export data in two different formats – PST and EML. Both the file formats are supported by popular applications such as, PST is supportable into all Outlook versions and EML file is importable into Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, and so on. In a service outage case, if you already have the backup in PST or EML format, then you can access the emails in other mail applications.
  • You can save the backup files into a secondary storage device once they are backed up in the system and enhance data availability in a hard-disk failure case.
  • You're able to restore the PST file into any Office 365 user account. Therefore, in data loss events, just import the backup PST file back into an O365 account.

Above all, the software is able  to back up all Office 365 data subscriptions plans, ranging from Office 365 Business to Enterprise.

So, When Will You Plan to Backup Office 365 User Data?

We listed out all the significance of Office 365 backup in this article. So, if you are serious about your O365 data protection, then without wasting any time, save a copy of O365 data on a local device using Office 365 Backup & Restore software. This will certainly help you a lot in multiple situations.