C# Installation And Compilation

This article is obsolete for Visual Studio .NET users.

This article explains necessary steps required to install and run C# on your machine.

  • Install Windows 2000 and IE 5.5.
  • Install Microsoft .NET Framework SDK. Microsoft has it on MSDN site. Click here to download it. NET Framework SDK
  • After installing these you can write your code in any text editor and save it as .cs extension. Type this in a notepad and save as my.cs.
    1. using System;  
    2. class Hello {  
    3.     staticvoid Main() {  
    4.         Console.WriteLine("Hello, C# World!");  
    5.     }  
    6. }  

Now use the command line to run your cs file. C# compile takes one argument; i.e., file name. Say your C# file name is my.cs then here is command line syntax: csc C:\temp\my.cs

You can download C# Documentation to learn more C#programming.

That's it. 

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