A Simple Way To Change SQL Server Connection String Programmatically In C#


In this article I am intending to describe a simple way to change SQL Server database connection string programmatically while the application is running. In this way you can also change the server .

Step 1 - Create a Windows Form Application, 

Step 2 - Create two string in project -> DBChangeApp Properties -> Settings as Property.settings.default.strServer and Property.settings.default.strDBConnection.

Step 3 - Attach or create a data base that connectswith data connection wizard and create a table with one column and insert data  into the table.

Step 4 - Create a Windows Form with two textboxes and one combo box and three buttons.

Step 5 - Enter following code,
Step 6 - Enter the  following code in form Load event. If we have set a database connection, this will be connected and show details in text boxes. 

Step 7 - 
Database Open button click event. This will find database and store the file path in the properties variable as in Properties.Settings.Default.strDBConnection.

Step 8 - “Change database” button click event. In this event we will store server in the property string as in Properties.Settings.Default.strServer And we store the new connection string.

Last Step - Select data from data base with select statement and store the same in Combo Box.