Add Custom Tiles To Office 365 App Launcher

Office 365 provides an easy-to-access App Launcher menu from where we can select the frequently used apps. The common apps are shown below which include Outlook mail, Calendar, One Drive, SharePoint and so on. These are the apps listed out in the My Apps page of the Admin Center.

In this article, we will see how we can add a custom app tile to the app launcher so that we can access it easily. We can provide a link to the external site or SharePoint site also as part of the custom tile. In addition to it, we can also provide an image and description in the custom tile.

Add Custom Tile Image to SharePoint

As the first step, create an image that will be used for the Custom Tile. We will store it in SharePoint repository, say: Images.

Upload the image to Images folder. Ensure, the image has a good resolution.

Save the URL of the image by selecting the link shown below. This will be used later.

Configure Custom Tile in the Admin Center

Now, let’s head over to the Admin center and set up the custom tile.

From settings, select Organization profile.

Within the Organization Profile page, we can see ‘Add custom tiles for your organization’ section. Click on ‘Edit’ button.

This will open a page where we can add a custom tile. Click on ‘Add a custom tile’.

Add the details for the custom tile.
  • Tile Name
  • URL
  • Description of the tile
  • Image URL

Click on Save. The newly added tile has come up in the list of custom tiles.

Select the radio button, in case you want to edit the custom tile.

Add the Custom Tile to the App launcher

Now, we have to set the custom tile to appear in the app launcher. In order to do that, go to the app launcher and select ‘View all my apps’.

This will list out all the default apps as well as the custom apps that come up in the app launcher.

Select ‘Pin to app launcher’. This will add the custom app as a tile to the app launcher, as shown below.

Clicking on it will navigate us to the URL attached to the tile which, in this case, is ‘’. In addition to the app launcher, we can pin the app to the navigation bar as well.


Thus, through this article we learned how to add a custom tile to the Office 365 app launcher which facilitates ease of access.