Agile🚀 Scrum🏈 Framework For Beginners To Intermediate Level✅


This article belongs to the beginner level of the conceptual understanding of the Scrum framework. When we are talking about project management terminology, the project manager has to fulfill some roles and responsibilities for their daily tasks.

The project manager must have to plan an effective project with prioritizing planning for what to do next, the risk factors, how to manage them, the constraints, and much more. For these quories with a proper solution, one needs a perfect project management methodology that is not only helpful to the project manager and team but also understandable to the product owner. For different types of projects, there are many different choices are available to fulfill the requirements and responsibilities. Agile and Scrum are two very similar but different and most frequently used methodologies with their right approach for a project.

What is AGILE?

In simple words, something which moves quickly is Agile. In terms of project management, Agile is an interactive approach that is helpful to the developing team for faster delivery of products with less headache. It is a natural mechanism continuously evaluated by Requirements, Plans, and Results so change at any point in time should be easier.

Earlier, the “waterfall” approach was used in the project, in that it is handover to the next team member, and in case of changes, all the procedures were repeatedly done by the team players, which was boring and time-consuming. In Agile, eye-to-eye communication, Collaboration, Adaptation, and Trust amongst team members are the core of an ideal Agile project team. The benefit of these, the project leader and product owner can easily prioritize the work; the team can make the best decision to complete their work; self-organizing occurs between small tasks and assignments.

Let’s check the below image,

What is Agile?

Agile is not defined by specific development tricks. Agile is a group of methods that demonstrate a commitment for feedback cycles and constant improvements on the basis of changes.

Kanban, Extreme Programming(XP), and Scrum are the most popular AGILE METHODOLOGIES.

What is SCRUM?

Agile🚀 Scrum🏈 framework for beginners to intermediate level

Look at the image, any guesses? Yes, it’s Rugby. Scrum is the word that came from Scrimmage/Scrummage. Scrum helps to train on big projects, collaborations, and self-organization while working on problems, reacts on wins and losses to constant improvements and required changes. Scrum is a framework that helps in teamwork like Rugby games. So It's not ME but it's WE.

Scrum is not a methodology. It is used by 12 million people across the world, for their small or big projects. Scrum starts with a Product Owner. Product owner comes with customers and stakeholders. The product owner derives the Product Backlog. Here are all the different tasks, which are diagnosed according to work priorities. Work is done by a self-organizing development team. The below image will clear our view, that how Scrum works?


In the whole framework, Sprint is the heartbeat of Scrum whereas ideas are values of Scrum. All events have some deadlines. Sprints are not much longer or shorter; they should be fixed in length. Once the sprint is completed the next one starts on an immediate basis. The product goal is achieved by Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Reviews, and Sprint Retrospective.

Agile🚀 Scrum🏈 framework for beginners to intermediate level

During Sprint Planning, a Sprint Backlog is created. The definition of Done is that the developing team works together to deliver value.

Daily Scrum can be completed within 15 minutes, and then the DevTeam plays their roles to reach their goals within the specified time box. The Scrum Master is responsible to take the review of the sprints and Daily Scrum tasks. Lastly, Sprint Retrospective comes with the Scrum master with the final product, product owner, and scrum team with the discussion of how they worked and what are the expected improvements.

 “The ultimate goal of Scrum is to make higher values from your team and make your customer happy.”

Agile vs. Scrum

  • Agile is a story. Scrum is the part of a story.
  • Scrum is delivered in part of small phases called Sprints. Agile is a kind of complete product, which is delivered at the end of the project.
  • Agile invites members from different cross-functional teams. Whereas, Scrum involves Scrum Master and Product Owner, based on roles and requirements of the project.


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In this article, I explained the basics of agile and scrum. What are both terms? How it’s playing their roles, and How it’s helpful to achieve project goals? One methodology hence another one is a framework. Both are quite similar but also different in implementation.