An Agile Approach To Envision Product🎯🌠

"Behind every product is a problem in need of a solution." ~David Carson.
Recently I have attended one workshop of Product Owner that inspire me to write this article.
Every new project begins with an inspirational idea and each new idea is for determination issues or problems of user or client.
So at the core of every product, there is a purpose to solve or determine the problems. 
In this article, we will discuss what is Product Envisioning also will see the 5 Hows Technique to create or derive a product vision statement,

What is Product Envisioning?

Product Envision is a technique to derived product vision. having the ability to envision the product makes the product vision statement, that is required before the software development lifecycle will begin.
First, we have to identify the users or customers who are going to use your product, what is the pain areas and what kind of problems you are going to solve by developing the app.
This reminds me one Bollywood movie's(Super 30) dialogue "Aapatti se hi aavishkar ka janam hota hai" means "The invention is born from objection"
Let's see how the 5 Hows Technique helps to craft product vision from the problem statement.
  1. How does building a caretaker @home help?
    It's not possible for working people to be with old age loved once 24 x 7 to take care of them, and this app helps to book Caretaker at home.

  2. How does booking caretaker at home will help?
    Health care at home by Trusted and Trained professional Caretaker/Nurse.

  3. How does Trusted and Trained professional Caretaker/Nurse help?
    We get daily medical treatments for loved once at home and also get live data.

  4. How does live data help?
    Mental peace at work, you have someone at home to take care of old age loved once.

  5. How does it help?
    Care and companionship to your loved ones when you are away. 
Now here we touch the emotions of the end-user, the last answer "care and companionship to your loved ones when you are away" will become our outcome or we can say Vision Statement. 
Why do we need it?
The product owner can craft the product vision statement, which is needed before the entire product development lifecycle.
The product vision must be strong enough to communicate the feeling of the product and can be easily understood to the team.
How do customers understand this company's product and also the impact it's had?
What issues will the new product address? will it add worth to the customer? 
What are the important product features that will impact a customer's life?
What are the next steps
After your vision statement is ready, of course, we have to work on the next steps and those are like,
  • Create Ideas.
  • Validate Ideas.
  • User Story Mapping.
  • Product Backlog Management.
  • Create a product roadmap.
Hope you like this article, in my next article we will see how to work with Impact Mapping.
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