An Insight And Learning Journey With Managers


In this article, I will share my personal experiences with managers from various companies. I firmly believe that managers have a significant impact on our lives and can be a great source of inspiration. Without any more delay, let's get started on this enlightening exploration. If you haven't read my previous two articles in the career series, please do so by clicking on the links below,

First Company: Technical Development at Floating Numbers Digital Solutions

I started working at Floating Numbers Digital Solutions, my first company, as a software developer on August 5, 2019. The company was a small startup, and my managers were the company directors themselves. They had a lot of experience as developers and knew a lot about technical things. Whenever I saw them, I admired their technical skills and wanted to become like them. Their expertise motivated me to learn different technologies, so I spent as much time as I could with them. I am really grateful to them because I learned a lot from them.

Key Lesson: Both managers were highly technical, and their knowledge inspired me to become more skilled and learn more.

Second Company: Learning Effective Leadership Skills at Intechnique Limited

Let's talk about my second company, Intechnique Limited, which I joined on April 19, 2021, as a senior software developer. The company was based in the UK, and I worked remotely there. My manager in this company was a British individual with no technical knowledge or programming skills. However, he was exceptionally skilled in managing people and handling critical situations to get things done. He was a true business-oriented person. Meeting him inspired me to develop my people management skills and gain a better understanding of the business side rather than just focusing on technical aspects. I am extremely thankful to him because he gave me the opportunity to manage a team of 2-3 developers. This experience taught me a lot about managing developers, not only in solving technical issues like git merge conflicts but also in resolving conflicts and disputes between team members with a calm approach.

Key Learning: Effective people management and having a business perspective is more important than being overly technical. It is essential to understand the business point of view and the project's vision rather than solely focusing on technical glitches.

Third Company: Developing Team Collaboration at ABSYZ Inc

Now, let's discuss my current company, ABSYZ Inc. I joined ABSYZ Inc as a Mobile Application Developer on October 12, 2022. ABSYZ Inc is a multinational corporation, and it's the first time I am working in a larger team. My current manager, who has a background in development, possesses valuable management and technical knowledge. He successfully leads a team of 30+ developers, which truly impressed me. He inspires everyone to embrace continuous learning, motivates the team to explore new technologies, and fosters a positive work environment. He handles interactions with both senior and junior team members with great respect and composure. There is no doubt that he is an exceptional manager, doing an excellent job.

Key Lesson: I have been closely observing his management style, trying to understand how he skillfully handles a larger team with calmness and efficiency.


In conclusion, my journey with managers from different companies has been enlightening and impactful from my first company, where technical expertise inspired me to learn and grow, to my second company, where effective people management and a business-oriented mindset were key, and finally, to my current company, where I have witnessed exceptional leadership in action. These experiences have highlighted the importance of managers in shaping our professional journeys. They have taught me valuable lessons about technical skills, people management, and the broader business perspective. I am grateful for the guidance and inspiration I have received, and I will carry these lessons with me as I continue to evolve in my career.

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