An Overview Of Microsoft Dynamics Navision


"Microsoft Dynamics Navision" is a built in ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software product by Microsoft, it can be used in many fields given below,

  • financial management
  • manufacturing
  • sales marketing
  • human resource management
  • project management
  • service management
  • supply chain management

Microsoft Dynamics Navision (NAV) is an already built and modifiable application software, so developers can customize it as per client requirement.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision is easy to use compared to other related software products.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision is run on the windows operating system environment and is developed in .net framework, and is integrated with the SQL server for data storage.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision is easy to configure and any one can understand it easily, it also supports multiple languages.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision is a  popular product among all the Microsoft dynamic products.

NAV is mostly use in small and mid-sized organizations, for example if you have a manufacturing company then you can use this NAV software for your full company management processes (department) like sales & purchase department, manufacturing department, accounting department, and warehouse department. And also you can do human resource management by this ERP system, so NAV can connect all these processes (departments) or functions into one single system or database so all your processes can communicate with each other very easily.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision is allowed to access its data from the outside of other software or applications, which means if you have any other application software and you want to use NAV data in your application software then NAV supports this functionality.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision has some built in functions and processes so you can use this function and if you want change them then you can modify it and also add new function in NAV software. Due to this, the future of NAV is the most popular in the market.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision version history (source take from

  • Dynamics NAV 5.00: 5.00, 5.00 SP1
  • Dynamics NAV 2009: ("6.00") 2009, 2009 SP1, 2009 R2
  • Dynamics NAV 2013: ("7.00") 2013, ("7.1") 2013 R2
  • Dynamics NAV 2015: ("8.00") 2015
  • Dynamics NAV 2016: ("9.00") 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 is built on a three-tiered architecture model that improves security, scalability, and flexibility. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 supports different client types and multiple configurations. To install the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, you can choose from several predefined setup options.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 architecture is a three-tiered architecture that Uses three core components,

  1. The client tier: A client user interface that provides the front end (presentation logic layer).

  2. The middle tier or server tier: A multithreaded middle-tier server that manages the business logic and all communication.

  3. The data tier: The SQL Server database server that provides the data layer.
After successful installation of NAV you find main three component of NAV.
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Development Environment
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Windows Client
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Administration