Apply Filter Query With Get Items SharePoint Action In Microsoft Flow


In this article, we will talk about how we can apply the Filter Query within the “Get Items” action of SharePoint.

Real-world Use Case

I have a SharePoint list which has the following columns.
We want to Trigger a flow when a new item is created in the SharePoint list.
  • When a new item is created, we wish to get all the associated names of Interviewer (Title column) where the Designation is “BI Developer” and Selection Round is “Technical”.


  • Microsoft Flow provides an action named “Get Items” for SharePoint.
  • It provides flexibility to add the Filter Query within the action.
Let’s get started!
Create an Automated Flow.
Enter flow name and select a Trigger “when item is created” and click on Create button.
Add site URL and List name.
Add an action > “SharePoint” > “Get Items”.
It asks for the following information.
  • Site Address
  • List Address
  • Filter Query
  • Order By
  • Top count
Add flowing formula in Filter Query to achieve the requirement.
  1. Designation eq 'BI Developer' and SelectionRound eq 'Technical'
Now, initialize the variable to store all the Interviewer names,
“Apply to Each” loop on the resultset we have retrieved and Parse the “Title” column and Append the column to the variable defined in step 5.
Send an email.
So, the flow will look like the following.


Now, let’s test the flow by creating a new item.
  1. Below is the output of the successful run of the flow.

  2. We received the email notification like the following.


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