Automate Announcements In Microsoft Kaizala With Twitter Posts

What is Kaizala?

Kaizala is a group messaging app from Microsoft targeting corporations who have tight integration with the Office 365 ecosystem.


Apart from corporate integration, we can create normal chat groups like any other messaging app without an Office 365 account.

Microsoft did a great thing by giving connectors for Kaizala in Microsoft flow through which we can automate messages in Kaizala chat groups. Apart from messages in the group some best features of Kaizala are,

  1. We can send announcements.
  2. Create quizzes
  3. Let’s meet remainders
  4. Send surveys
  5. Play games together.

In this article, let’s learn how to automate Twitter posts as announcements in Kaizala chat groups.

As a prerequisite, you must be the owner of a Kaizala group and must have an Office 365 account to create flow.

Automate announcements with a Twitter handle

Let’s take Microsoft SharePoint twitter handle.

So, its handle will be @SharePoint.

Step 1

Go to Microsoft flow website.

Step 2

In Search, click Twitter for its connectors. You can see many Twitter connectors like below. But we need to connect Twitter and Kaizala since its template is not available readily we must start by selecting a blank flow.


Step 3

Click "My Flows" and on the right side, you can see "Create from blank". Click to it to create from the blank.


Step 4

You can see a description about blank templates and at the bottom can see few templates. In that please select a blank template with the description “When a new tweet is Posted”.


Step 5

Click “when a new tweet is posted” button and you will redirect a page for further steps of our integration. You will see the options.

Search text – textbox. In that text box enter the twitter handle of Microsoft SharePoint which is @SharePoint. Append with the word “from”. Eg: from @SharePoint as shown in below picture. So that it will send only tweets from @SharePoint twitter handle only. It will act as a filter from many Twitter users.


Step 6

Now click new step and click add an action and choose an action

search for the kaizala connector.

You can see lots of connectors related to kaizala.

Like, for example, Create a subgroup, Upload a media file etc .,

In that select “send action on a group”.


Step 7

It will ask us to select a kaizala group which you are in and subscribed.

Better you select the group where you are the owner of that group.

In kaziala there are two groups 1) Normal groups and 2) Public groups.

In normal groups, anybody can send messages but in Public groups, only admins can post messages it’s like a channel.

Select any group here I am selecting my group with the name: “Test Kaizala”.


Step 8

Since we want to automate announcements through twitter. Select the action as “Announcements” from the drop-down list.


Step 9

Since the announcement in kaizala contains a text and title. Keep cursor in text and we can see on right side built in dynamic content related to twitter. There select any of one which you like. I will select “Tweet Text” in dynamic content section.


Step 10

So in messages, you can select Tweet text and in the next textbox Title. You can write some static text like “Tweets by SharePoint Team”.

If you want dynamic text select from right side dynamic content like.

Tweeted By, Username etc,


More dynamic content


Step 11

Once it is done. We can save the flow.

Also, click Test on the right top and you can get the opportunity to test the Flow by triggering the action.



Step 12

Once everything is done you can see announcements coming to automatically when SharePoint team tweets from their Twitter handle. Please check below screenshot.


Step 13

You can see your workflow like below once it is saved and you can also see its analytics but that is charged by Microsoft.


Let’s see more on Kaizala in next posts until then. Happy learning.