Automate Email Generation with Power Automate Email Signatures

Creating and using signatures for Dynamics 365 and Dataverse is nothing new. Automatically adding a signature to an email is driven by the user first setting up their default signature.

I already have an existing flow that I call from a custom page, which creates the dataverse email record and associated attachments. The result looks like this: the user's signature is not automatically populated, which means it cannot be automatically sent and must be viewed/updated manually before sending.

New Email

I have created one Email signature in D365. Find the screenshot below.

Service Signature

I have set up an automated flow where, upon the case priority being changed to "High," an email will be automatically generated for the case.


Find the default email signature.

Default email

  • Action name: ListRowsEmailSignatures
  • Table name: Email Signatures
  • Select columns: safe HTML
  • Filter rows: title eq 'Service Signature' and is default eq true

Use or create a signature.

Create a signature

What does <div id="signature"> mean?

Before adding the signature it checks to see if one is already added, this is determined by a completed set of <div> tags with the id “signature”. If we do not add this as part of the automation flow, then when the record is next opened by a user who has a default signature set up - another signature will be added.

<div id="signature">

Create and populate the email.

Owner value


When updating the case priority from Normal to High, an email will be automatically generated and added to the timeline grid.



Open the email from the timeline.


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