Automated Email Signature with Power Automate in Email Generation

Establishing and utilizing signatures within Dynamics 365 and Dataverse is a familiar practice. The process of automatically incorporating a signature into an email relies on users initially configuring their default signature. I currently have a pre-existing workflow that I invoke from a custom page. This workflow generates the Dataverse email record along with its associated attachment. However, the current outcome lacks automatic population of the user's signature. Consequently, emails cannot be sent automatically and require manual review and updating of the signature prior to sending.

Service Signature

I've crafted an email signature within D365. Please refer to the screenshot below.

Microsoft Dynamic 365

I've configured an automated flow so that when the case priority is updated to "High," an email will be generated automatically for the case.

Row added, modified, or deleted

Locate the default email signature.

Get email signature

  • Action name: ListRowsEmailSignatures
  • Table name: Email Signatures
  • Select columns: safehtml
  • Filter rows: title eq 'Service Signature' and isdefault eq true

Use or create a signature

Initialize variable

Prior to adding the signature, the system verifies if one already exists. This is determined by a completed set of <div> tags with the ID "signature". If we omit this step from the automation flow, another signature will be appended when the record is subsequently accessed by a user with a default signature configured.

<div id="signature">



Create and populate the email

Add a new row


When the case priority is changed from Normal to High, an email will be automatically generated and included in the timeline grid.

Case priority

Access the email

Access the email


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