Automating Excel data to SharePoint Lists with Power Automate

Add Data To SharePoint List From Excel Sheet

In this article, we'll explore how Power Automate can be used to upload data from Excel spreadsheets to SharePoint lists in simple steps. By automating this task, users can save time, and reduce errors. We'll see through all the steps to set up this automation.

Power Automate flow to add data

Here's a step-by-step process for creating a Power Automate flow to add data from an Excel sheet to a SharePoint list.

1. Create a New flow: The flow can be instant cloud flow or can be Automated flow, Here I am selecting instant cloud flow.

2. Trigger: Here I am manually triggering the flow you can trigger on anything, like when an item is created or modified

Flow name

3. Get Excel Data: To get Excel data you can use the List rows present in a table action and connect your Excel sheet and table.

List rows

List rows present in the table

Note. The data in the Excel spreadsheet should be formatted in a table otherwise you will be connected to your Excel data in the action item.


Excel spreadsheet

1. Apply to Each: Add an "Apply to each" action and select the output of the "List rows present in a table" action.

Apply to each

2. Create Item Action: Connect to your SharePoint site select the list where you want to add the items and map the column to the Excel sheet in which you want to add the items.

Connect to your SharePoint

3. Save the flow and test: On the success of the flow, you can see the items have been added to the SharePoint list.

SharePoint list




This is how you can automate flow to add Excel data into the SharePoint lists when there is a large number of records to be added and minimize your manual work it also allows you to focus on completing other actions while automating the data-adding process.

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