Azure AD - Insights And Creating A New Instance


This article is about Applications in the Active Directory of Azure.

Target Audience- Beginner


  1. An Azure account


Get acquainted with the article, mentioned below, before you step forward towards this.

  1. Basics of Azure Active Directory


This will be a continuation of the previous article, so you should have an Azure AD user and group; the member creates and adds the members in your group on AD.

About Applications in Azure AD

Login to your Azure Management portal and go to Azure AD part, where Default Directory and Applications are on it.

As a preview, you can find the basic Office 365 Application.

You can also click on the “Add” button at the bottom of the Window to add the Applications.

You can now add an Application in two ways. Let's select adding it from the gallery.

Here goes n number of Applications available in the gallery, which you can use in your Active Directory.

Let's take one Application for an example: say Dropbox for Business, as it will help you to sign in with the help of your Dropbox account itself for the user instead of moving with a sign in for your AD.

About Domain in AD

You can start associating your custom domain name with various Cloud Services here, using Azure AD.

You can click Add a Custom Domain to add a domain here.

Directory Integration

Directory Integration is about integrating or synchronizing your account with Azure AD.


The Configuration option over here is to configure Azure AD and to set Multi Factor Authentication, domain Services, customizing integrated Applications etc. on your Azure Active Directory.


Reports will have all your details, if you are running with a premium Azure AD subscription. This deals with sign ins from - unknown sources, multiple failures, multiple geographies, threatened credentials, leaked credentials, integrated Applications, etc.


Licenses gives your details about Azure Active Directory, which is an edition of AD etc.

Creating a New Sequence on Azure AD

Now, let’s create a new sequence in Azure Active Directory.

New - App Services - Active Directory - Directory - Custom Create.

It shall create a new directory now on this pane. Fill the details given below.

  • Directory - Create a new directory
  • Name:
  • Domain Name
  • Country or Region

This will create your new AD.

Hence, in this new Azure Active Directory of “demoad”, you can find the user in it.

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