Azure App Service: Create Web App from Visual Studio

Create a new Project (File -> New Project) and select “Web Forms”. Please make sure that the “Host in the Cloud” checkbox is checked and you select “App Service” in the dropdown beneath the checkbox and click on OK button. (You might have to install Azure SDK) 
If you have already logged into your Azure Subscription, you would see a “Create App Service” window as shown below. Please provide a meaningful name to the new App Service and select the Subscription, Resource group and App service plan and click on “Create” button. If you haven’t logged in using your Azure Subscription, Visual Studio will prompt you to log into your account.
That’s it, you have created a new Web Application in Visual Studio as well as a new App Service in your Azure subscription in just a couple of clicks.
In the Visual Studio, click on Cloud Explorer and expand “Web Apps” section as shown below.
You would see your newly created App Service Web App as shown below in the Visual Studio.
 Now, right click the Web App and select “View in Browser” as shown in the below screen capture to view the application in browser.
 You will see something as shown below.
In the next Article, we will see how to link an existing web application to an App Service.