Azure Open AI & GPT 4 - The new world 🌎


Hello 👋 !! This article will delve into the most trending technologies, such as Azure OpenAI and GPT-4, in today's rapidly evolving world.

Azure Open AI

This service offers clients a comprehensive AI solution, enabling developers and data scientists to utilize OpenAI's potent models, which are capable of generating natural language, code, and images. Depending on the specific business scenario, one can choose from various models in Azure OpenAI. Each model comes with distinct capabilities and price points. Opting for higher-tier models, such as DaVinci or GPT, necessitates increased computing power to produce relevant responses. Therefore, selecting the most suitable model for the given business case is essential to avoid unnecessary expenses. Microsoft offers an enhanced user interface for Azure OpenAI, where users can conduct various tests using a chat interface.

Azure Open AI & GPT 4

Why Azure Open AI?

Microsoft will provide platform security, and if we require, we can apply an organizational level of security.

Note: The GPT-4 models are the latest available models. Due to high demand access to this model series is currently only available by request.

Azure Open AI Service

Azure OpenAI Service gives customers advanced language AI with OpenAI GPT-4, GPT-3, Codex, and DALL-E models with Azure's security and enterprise promise.

Note: The concept of the embedding model is incorporated in a well-known Python script. To utilize this concept in other programming languages, an additional wrapper method is required, which will reveal the embedding outcomes through an API response.

GPT - 4

The model is straightforward yet potent, occasionally providing intelligent responses! GPT-4 supports a maximum of 8,192 input tokens, while GPT-4-32k accommodates up to 32,768 tokens. Here, I am verifying if GPT can identify my information online.

We can test one instance to see if GPT can recognize my online profile.

GPT recognized my profile, and now, as a celebrity, I'm enjoying the spotlight!

Azure Open AI & GPT 4

Without referring to myself, I've experimented with a contextual approach, and indeed, it has been recognized.

Azure Open AI & GPT 4


We're achieving 80% accuracy, but there's room for improvement in real-time capabilities. Overall, GPT answers are satisfactory and quickly delivered within seconds. GPT certainly has the potential for numerous innovations in the market.


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