Creating Bots Using NodeJS Template


In this article, I will explain about creating a basic bot using Node.js programming language template in Azure portal. There are different ways of creating a Bot Service.
So what is a bot? Bot is a software application having the capability of running the tasks over the internet. They can perform every kind of task from simple to advanced. Most of the web traffic is made up of bots.


  • An active Azure subscription.

Creating a basic bot using Azure portal

Step 1
Login to Azure portal.
Step 2
click->New->Data+ Analytics-> select Bot service(Preview).
Step 3 
Now, we need to provide the requirements given below for Bot Service.
  • We need to provide an app name for bot with the unique name.
  • Create a resource group and provide a name for your resource group.
  • Select the location of the bot service application 
Step 4
Step 5 
After receiving the successful deployment message notifications, we need to create app id and password for framework of the bot service.
Step 6
click->create Microsoft app id and password.
Step 7 
click->Generate an app password for proceeding further.
Step 8
The password will be displayed and make a note of it, so that we can use it to paste later.
Step 9 
Click->Finish and go back to bot framework
Step 10 
Now we need to paste the password that has been noted down in previous steps, and select the programming language template for bot service development.(Since I have selected NodeJS for my bot service, you can select the c# for bot development).
Step 11
The template for developing the bot must be selected and I have selected the basic template for the bot service and thn click->create bot.
Step 12
Bot service has been created so that we can test the bot chat control by sending the message to it and click->test.
Step 13 
Type the message in chat box and the bot will echo back with message prefixed with text as we said in chat.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day.