Visual Studio Code is now a popular choice among enterprises when it comes to developing .NET Core-based developments. Not just .NET Core applications, you can also build Java, Python, Angular based applications with ease using Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio Code is lightweight and rich in functionality. It is driven by extensions. You can plug in a suitable extension to VS Code and achieve your functionality. For example, if you are planning to create an Azure Function and publish it to the Azure environment then you can plug in the necessary extension in VS Code and get going.

Visual Studio Code is not an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) but a code editor. However, if you are proficient in using VS Code then you can do almost everything that you would have done in an IDE to build your application. In this video let us explore how to create a .NET 5 project and then build, run and debug the project.

Build .NET 5 Console application using Visual Studio Code
Jul 19 2021

Abhishek Mishra

This video demonstrates how to build and debug .NET 5 applications using Visual Studio Code. They will learn how to set up the development and debug environment using VS Code.