Career Guide For Computer Science Students

This article will be focused for three people.

  1. Who are studying computer related courses (Students).
  2. Who are in their final year and working on Final Year Computer projects.
  3. For freshers who have completed their computer studies and looking for their first job.

Note - Kindly don’t ask me for any job as I’m not running any company but I hope, this article will guide you on how to get job easily by your hard work.

As I have mentioned, this article is focused on 3 kinds of people who are related to computer field and starting their study or career.

For easy understanding, I will separate each guide as Do’s and Don’ts.

For the students who have started their computer related studies

If you are a student and started your college life, then I really envy you as I am missing my college life now. If you are a student, then I strongly recommend you to first enjoy your life in good way (In good way with good manners). You might have the college life for 2,3 ,4 6, or more years depending on what you are studying. My recommendation is to enjoy all these years with your friends in a good manner and ways. From your final year onward, slowly focus more on your career development and find what you are interested in, in your major and study in-depth on the subject; work for more sample projects by your own interest. Let’s see.

Do’s and Don’ts during your college life

  1. Enjoy each moment of your life with friends in good manner and ways.

  2. Love what you study and study for yourself. It’s your career and it’s your life, so enjoy studying.

  3. During each semester exam, make group studies (Note: Study while study and play while play. So when friends meet for group study, don’t discuss other things and concentrate on your studies because what % of marks you obtain, will lead you for your future success).

  4. Make a plan for group studies during exam time. For example, for this semester you have exams for Operating System, Networks, C Language, C++, Java and Digital Electronics. If you are group of 5 or more friends and planning for group studies. Start your studies 10 days before exam and don’t start one day before. Each person first focus on anyone interested subject and study completely before meeting for group studies. During group studies start from one person and let him explain and teach in detail about what he has studied in that subject to all others. Same like this others can teach what they have studied. If we share and study means, we can easily understand the subject and this will lead for us to easily understand when we study individually before exam day.

  5. During College Lab time, don’t waste your time for a minute. Try to make more programs during your lab time and if you have any questions or doubts, ask your professor or lab assistant immediately to help and solve the problems. Now, we are in internet world. Before going to lab, always look for more samples from the internet and study by yourself as how that was solved. During lab time, without seeing the program, try to create and solve by your own. For example, during lab time you are working with C# IF Else statement. Apart from books try to search in internet about what is C# IF ELSE statement and study more in detail about it and during lab time make yourself. This will improve your programming skills.

  6. During class time, ask more questions about your subject to your professor (But ask meaningful questions). The more and more you ask, the more and more you will study in-depth on your studies.

Do’s and Don’ts during your Final Year project

Start and do all this two semesters prior to your final year project.

  1. Join computer coaching class one semester prior to your final year project semester. Join extra computer coaching class to study more in detail of any one favorite subjects, like C#, ASP.NET, Java and etc. Kindly check well what coaching centers teach during their course. Don’t waste money and always check for coaching center training method with other friends and seniors before joining. Before joining, always confirm if the Computer coaching center will help you to create any offline projects during completion of course.

  2. Increase your time to work with creating more sample programs of your favorite subject. Now-a-days, mostly all the students having computer in their home, try to utilize the time in best way to schedule and create sample program by yourself.

  3. Instead of spending time on Facebook try to Join member of community website like CSharpCorner. Frequently visit community website and always check and read articles related to your favorite subject. Try to make similar programs like article you read. If have any question don’t hesitate to ask the author from comment section of articles.

  4. Frequently visit Answer Section(Forum) of Community websites, like C-sharpCorner. Check for all question asked and answers for each question. By reading all Q/A you can find for one question more than 1 answer will be replied with more experts, this will give you more idea on how to solve one problem in different method. By watching questions and answers section frequently in future when you start programming this will help you to write programming without getting help.

  5. There are plenty of projects available in internet, Download the projects match your subject and study by yourself as how the project has created.

  6. Create offline Project during completion of your computer couching course. Try to make one or more project by yourself. If you have questions get support from your Couching center and also get help from community website by asking questions.

  7. Improve your communication skills.

  8. With friends, weekly once or monthly twice try to make Group Discussions. Within your friends select any topic (example any debate). within your friends make as two team and discuss all your opinions in English. Note during Group Discussions communicate only with English and don’t hesitate to talk your sentence even if it’s wrong as you are talking with your friends alone. Record all of your speaking and listen later and check for what you and others have made mistake and try to avoid all that errors in next discussion.

During your Final Year Project

  1. If you have fallowed all this steps now you are eligible to create your own project for your final semester without any help.

  2. Try to do project in any Software company, by this you can get to know what exactly a company are looking for. Check with all your friends and seniors for any software company that they support you to work for your project.

  3. Don’t ever get any ready made project. It’s your work, it’s your life, it’s your carrier so don’t ever buy any ready made projects.

  4. Study Coding standards and implement all coding standards in your final year project. Check this link to know about what is Coding Standard ,Google Coding standard on your favorite technology for example I love C# and to know Coding standards of C# .in Google search as “C# Coding Standard”, You will get plenty of results and check all one by one and when you code fallow the Coding Standard.

  5. Make all project documents by your own. Don’t ask for any computer center to do your final project documentation. When you create project documentation by your own, it will give you more self confidence that you are good writer and you have understood your project.

  6. Now, you are CAWTP,

    1. Creator
    2. Author
    3. Writer
    4. Teacher
    5. Programmer

      Get promotion from member to Contributor of you community website like CSharpCorner. Yes, now you are Creator, now you are Author, now you are Writer and now you are Teacher and also a Programmer. Start contributing by answering to questions and also start writing, blogs and articles in community website.

      Writing Articles will add value to your Resume as a fresher. Before writing articles, read more articles and gather infromation along with being aware of how to write good article.

How to get Job as Fresher

  1. First step is try to get job from college campus placement. If suppose your college doesn’t have campus placement or you didn’t get placed, then read the below points.

  2. Prepare for interview. On internet and at C-sharp Corner website, you can find plenty of interview questions and answers on all technologies. For example, if you want to work on ASP.NET, then study all interview Questions and Answers related to ASP.NET. It’s your life and it’s your career. So, don’t just read them but always understand in-depth of each concept. If you attend an interview, the interviewer may  ask more question from one concept, so always study in-depth of each question and answer.

  3. Try to create a sample program for each concept interview Question and Answers.

  4. Talk to all your seniors, friends and relatives who are all working related to your technology. Talk all to them and explain them what you know and ask suggestion from them on how should you improve to get better job.

  5. Create one simple and detailed resume. First imprison is very important so your first imprison for an interviewing company will be your resume, so always make a perfect simple resume which explains in details about Who You are, what you are, what you know, what you have did and What you can do.

  6. In resume add your articles and works you have contributed in community website and also provide link in resume to your articles. As a fresher, you will not have any projects to be added in your resume only one project will be your final year project so add all your community contribution in your resume, this will give more value to your resume.

  7. Request your senior, Friends and relatives who are all working related to your technology for any opening in their company or any known companies. Forward your resume to them and wait for the result.

  8. Daily visit Job site like Naukri, Monsterindia etc. and always look for job opening for freshers related to your technology. Apply to all the jobs matching to you. Frequently update your resume in jobsite.

  9. When visiting for Interview, tell the interviewer about what you know about the company. This will give them some positive thoughts on you as your interest.

  10. During Interview, answer all the questions very gently and politely. Don't ever argue with any interviewer even if the interviewer is wrong.

  11. Before going for an interview, collect more details about the company, go to company website, and look for their services and products. Check for company history and how many employees are working there. During interview, after answering all the questions, talk to the interviewer regarding what you know about their product/s and services and how strong you are to work with their product or services.

  12. Talk to the interviewer positively and always remember that you are the reason for everything. That means, you will be the reason for getting the job or not getting the job. So, always be positive and answer all the questions what you know.

  13. If you got job in your first interview, best wishes for that; and if you didn’t get, then don’t worry as you will get more chances and each time you can learn more to attend next interview,. Focus more on what is the problem and why you didn’t get the job, and work hard to get the job next time.

Hope, this will help you to improve your career and get job’s. My best wishes for all! If I need to add any point, kindly leave me a comment.

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