Change ‘The Form Could Not Be Submitted..’ Message In Dynamics 365 Portal


In my previous article, we discussed how to implement a custom JavaScript validation message. Now, let’s say we want to change the title of the validator.

Javascript validation message


To accomplish the above requirement, the first thing I tried to check was its element, using the inspect tool. This way, I can use jQuery to change this message, and here is what I got from the inspect tool.

Inspect tool

You can see in the above screenshot that the div has the ValidationSummaryEntityFormControl_EntityFormView ID so I used the following code-

$('#ValidationSummaryEntityFormControl_EntityFormView').attr("aria-label", "Preferred appointment cannot be submitted due to the reasons below:");

However, I was not able to see any changes in the validation message and then, I tried to check again using inspect. I found that even though this label was changed, the validator title was the same.

Validator title

Next, I tried the following code in the console.

$('h4.validation-header').text("Appointment preferences cannot be submitted due to the reasons below:");

And, I was able to see changes in the validation title as well, like the following.


But when I used this code under entity form and checked, it was still showing the old title. Finally, I found that the above heading element is generated at runtime only. So, finally, I was able to use a set interval method like the following.

// Change form validation label
setInterval(function () {
   if ($('h4.validation-header')) {
      $('h4.validation-header').text("Appointment preferences cannot be submitted due to the reasons below:");
}, 1000);

Hope it will help someone, feel free to share if you know the more efficient method to implement it.

Stay tuned for more Dynamics 365 content.

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