Combo Box Control In Power Apps

Power Apps is a suite of apps, services, connectors, and data platforms that provides a rapid application development environment to build custom apps for your business needs. Check here for More Details.

A Combo box control allows users to make selections from provided choices. It supports search and multiple selections.

Reading this article, you can learn how to use Combo box control in Microsoft Power Apps.

Step 1

Open this link in the browser for Power apps,

Create an account with your Organisation Mail ID and login it. After logging in to your Power Apps account:

Step 2

First, Click Create (+ ) and Select the Canvas app from blank.

Next, Give the App name as PACombo and Format as Phone.

Now, in the Power Apps studio environment, Select the Create a form option,

Step 3

To test the Combo box control, rename the Screen name as ScnBtn,  and rename the Form name as FrmBtn,

Add the following controls in the Form window for Combo box feature view,

Insert the Label Control and set the Name property as LblName and Text Property as Combo box Control in Power Apps.

Insert the Combo box Control and set the Name property as CMBDept and Set the Items Property as ["CSE","EEE","ECE","BME","IT"] for dept items,

Next, we can insert the Label Control and set the Name property as LblSelVal and Text Property as Concat(CMBDept.SelectedItems, Value&",") for Selected dept.

Step 4

Now we can see the preview of your App in Power Apps Studio, and the output of the PACombo is,

After selecting the items in both Combo boxes,



Now you have successfully tested Combo box Control- PAComboin Power Apps Studio environment. 

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