Configure Tiles View In SharePoint Online - Office 365


Recently (September 5, 2019), Microsoft has announced that now we can have the "Tiles" view in the modern SharePoint online list and the release has been deployed to all tenants across the globe.

How to configure tiles view – actual implementation

Before we head on to this we must verify that we have some dummy data in the list. So in the below we have sample list named as “Purchase Order” with some dummy data.
Configure Tiles View In SharePoint

Verify that Tiles View is not available by default in the list

Here we can see that "Tiles" view is not available under the view drop down list.
Configure Tiles View In SharePoint
In the next step, we’ll see how we can see the "Tiles" view option in the above list view drop down list.
From the view drop down list – click on the "Format current view" .
Configure Tiles View In SharePoint
Then we will get the JSON box as like below,
Configure Tiles View In SharePoint
Copy the below code and paste this into the JSON box mentioned over here.
Code Reference URL,
After copying and pasting the code – click on "Save" button. 
Configure Tiles View In SharePoint
Now, go to the same list view drop down list – and we can see now "Tiles" view in the menu. If we click on the "Tiles" view we can see the list item in the tiles layout.
Configure Tiles View In SharePoint 
  • For demo purposes I have displayed only the "Title" column however, we can display all types of column except managed metadata (as of  the September 5 Microsoft announcement).
  • In the code sample what I have shown here – can be extended to fit our requirement.
  • As we know that in modern SharePoint online – we don’t have a promoted link web part, using this same JSON we can implement the promoted link web part. To do that, we need to have the below columns in the particular list:
  • 3.1 Title – Single line of text 3.2 Icon – Single line of text (get the icon name from UI fabric site, see the References section) 3.3 URL – Hyperlink 3.4 NewTab – Yes/No

Tiles view use cases

As per me, this is an awesome feature added to the modern SharePoint list – and it gives us the flexibility to display the SharePoint list item content in more responsive, dynamic and modern way. For an example, when we deal with big lists with multiple columns along with image types, we face a lot of challenges to display those items. Sometimes we need to scroll over horizontally across the layout and in most of the cases image does display properly as it does not fit to the default view layout. So now, using the "Tiles" view approach we can overcome these issues. 


Thus, in this tutorial we have learned that how we can enable the "Tiles" view in the SharePoint modern list and its possible use cases.