Configuring Active Directory Domain Services In Server 2012


Active Directory Domain Service (AD DS) stores information about the users, computers and other devices on the network. AD DS helps an administrator to securely manage this information and facilities, resources sharing, and collaboration between the users. In this article, we will see about how to configure AD DS in Windows Server 2012.


  • Windows Server 2012 or 2014

The following are the steps needed to configure AD DS.

Step 1: Open the Server manager by clicking the icon present in the task bar, as shown below:


Step 2: In the Server manager, select an option “Add roles and features”.

Step 3:  Before continuing further, in the Add roles and features wizard, the following tasks should be completed.

The Administrator account has a strong password.

Network Settings such as static IP should be configured.

The most current security updates should be implemented.

Click Next.

Step 4: In the installation, type  “Role based or feature based installation” and click next.

Step 5: 
In the Server selection wizard, choose “select a server from the pool.” In the Server pool area, it contains the name, IP Address and operating system of the desired Server.

Step 6: In the Server role wizard, choose “Active Directory Domain Services”. Once you click, a pop up will appear, select Add features option and click next.


Step 7: In the features wizard, add the desired features you want and click next.

Step 8: 
In the Active Directory Domain Services Window, read the important things and click next.

Step 9: 
In the confirmation, click the Install option.

Step 10: In the results wizard, the installation has started and it takes some time to finish.

Finally, after the installation, click close option.


Step 11: Now go to the Server management Dashboard and findthe  AD DS option that is available.


Step 12: In the dashboard, click AD DS. Once you have opened it, it shows some warning message as “Configuration Required for Active Directory Domain Service at SimpleServer12” and click More option.


Step 13: 
Again, All Server Task Details and Notifications Window will appear.

Click “Promote this Server to a domain”.

Step 14: Deployment Configuration wizard appears. Click new forest option, specify the domain information and click next.

Step 15: In the domain controller option, we are able to see the forest level, the domain level and give password for Directory Service. Restore Mode and click next.

Step 16: In DNS option, don’t make any change and click next.

Step 17: In the additional operation, don’t make any changes and click next.

Step 18: Specify the already given path and click next.

Step 19: 
In the review option, see the selected Controller in a new forest.

Step 20: 
Click install in the prerequisites wizard, after it has passed.


After the configuration, now we will connect another system under the same domain. In this way, the systems are connected to the particular server.